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Child Support

January 7, 2017 12:00 am

The second film premiering that evening, Child Support, is written and directed by Alcee H. Walker. It is an 8-minute story that will showcase how young girls struggle to find emotional outlets through the lens of school violence. With bullying, today at epidemic proportions, students in middle school find it difficult to focus on their classwork, preparing for high school, participating in sports, and extracurricular activities. In this poignant film the viewer is witness to how Monica Johnson is placed in the middle of her parents’ struggles and competes with her younger sister for emotional support; while simultaneously facing bullies at school, that lash out at her to help them deal with their own family issues. (Alcee H. Walker, Director/Writer/Producer; Sandra Evers-Manly, Executive Producer; Raymond Knudsen, Dawn Han, Producers.
Alcee H. Walker, writer/director of Child Support is an African American film director from West Palm Beach, FL who attended the public schools of Palm Beach County and graduated from Inlet Grove High School in Riviera Beach, FL. After high school, Alcee attended St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY and graduated in 2011 with a BFA degree in Performance and Communications and a minor in Education.

Closing out the evening is an encore presentation of the first film produced in its’ entirety by FWAP. Forgiveness. This story features a young man, Oliver Burroughs who upon learning about slavery in his class, declares that the President needs to make a national apology for America’s involvement in slavery. This is a 25-minute short film written and directed by Satie Gossett, a Los Angeles based writer, director and producer.

Satie is best known for the comedic short film, Jewtholic, a religious comedy narrated by his father, Louis Gossett, Jr. He also directed Departure, a short film, which was featured at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco. The film shot exclusively with an iPhone 4S screened at the Cannes Film Festival along with another of his short films, 10 Minutes starring Glenn Plummer and Kent Faulcon. Satie completed this latest short film, Forgiveness under Films With a Purpose which screened at the Congressional Black Caucus and won awards at the 2016 Ocktober Film Festival and the 2016 Malibu Film Festival. It has also been accepted into the 2017 Indie Night and Pan African Film Festivals In Los Angeles, CA., and the Toronto Black Film Festival, Toronto, Canada.

The BHERC 23rd Annual African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase is one of the first Film Festivals to screen diverse short films and each day of the festival, features the artistry of emerging African-American Filmmakers by screening blocks of the 68 plus short films selected from 1000 entries from across the world.

Founded in 1996 by Sandra Evers-Manly, BHERC is a nonprofit, public benefit organization designed to advocate, educate, research, develop, and preserve the history and future of Blacks in film and television. Celebrate the artistry by supporting our filmmakers, with diverse topics, stories, techniques and broad themes multi-layered with humor, drama and reality.

The costs include: Opening Night Festivities $55; “A Great Day in Black Hollywood” Awards Gala $50.00; “An Evening with Films With A Purpose $25.00; a Block of Films is only $15 for students with ID and $20 for the general public; All Day Pass $50; Closing Night Reception $25 (Soul Food & Film); and Weekend Pass (includes Opening Night, All Day Pass for films, Closing Night Reception, T-Shirt and BHERC Commemorative Bag) $150.

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