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August 27, 2016 12:00 am

August, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) – Longtime patron and advocate for African American filmmakers Sandra Evers-Manly has launched a new “Films With a Purpose” film Innovative Fund. With a firm understanding of the impact that film has on society, Sandra Evers-Manly has established an “Innovative Fund”, to provide diverse independent and student filmmakers — who wish to tell the stories that no one else will — a source of funding. However, those selected will receive much more than dollars, they receive a champion for their project and real mentorship with key partners. The goal of FWAP is to support the production, completion and distribution of diverse films that inspire, and educate. To identify filmmakers who will tell stories that impact the hearts and mind of the viewer. No longer satisfied with just providing entertainment, laughter, information, these films will move the audience and are intent on catapulting them into action. Five films have been selected for funding. The first project selected for funding is “Agents of Change.” which examines the untold story of the racial conditions on college campuses and in the country that led to these protests. It demonstrates how the film’s characters were caught at the crossroads of the civil rights, black power, and anti-Vietnam war movements at a pivotal time in America’s history. It serves as a vital link to the student struggles that continue today as manifested by the protest in and around Ferguson, Missouri and the nationwide student-led movements, including the I, Too, Am (Harvard, UCLA, Michigan, etc.) campaigns. This film is currently screening across the country. The second film “Forgiveness” — slated to be released early September– originated from a simple idea. It is the story of an African American boy who explores the brutal history of America’s role in slavery. It is an allegory of innocence and redemption. The hope is that this film will generate discussions around —more— PHONE: 213.293.4786 ׀ EMAIL: ׀ WEB SITE: 1875 Century Park East ׀ Suite 600 ׀ Los Angeles, CA 90067 the power of reconciliation and solutions in the healing of a nation long plagued by the disease of racism in all its forms. “Daring greatly as a filmmaker helps expose audiences to new stories and ideas that if so bold and audacious can change the context of how we view the world and each other. My hope is that “FORGIVENESS” can shift the world’s context around how we deal with slavery as a people and as a country,” states writer/director Satie Gossett. Unlike the BHERC which Ms. Evers-Manly founded in 1996, FWAP fund is more than an advocate for filmmakers of color. It is an innovative and provocative resource for use in assaulting the ills that plague our society and screaming for action and answers. Giving a platform to voices from the least of those ignored daily. Three other films that have been funded are currently in production. “FORGIVENESS” opens in limited release at Landmark Theatres September 7th thru 13th, 2016. For Tickets log on to FWAP is a movement that strongly urges community leaders and educators to organize and attend a public screening. By doing so they accept the challenge to replicate the FWAP effort to “Educate, Inspire, Empower” through the power of film. FWAP encourages them to gather their constituents and/or members and support with organized attendance to achieve a “sell out” at theaters during the qualifying week of each FWAP films. For more information about the fund or how to book a screening after the limited engagement, please contact or call 213.293.4786