Films With A Purpose (FWAP)

As if the founding of the now 25-year-old Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) was not enough to make an impact for African Americans in film, now comes the physical manifestation of another closely held passion of philanthropist Sandra Evers-Manly entitled, “Films with a Purpose” (FWAP) finishing fund. An initiative of the BHERC.

With a firm understanding of the impact that film has on society, Ms. Evers-Manly has established an “innovative fund”, to provide independent and diverse students and filmmakers who need funding to tell the stories that no one else will. However, those selected will receive much more than dollars, they receive a champion for their project and real mentorship with key partners.

The goal of FWAP is to support the completion and distribution of diverse films. Those selected will tell stories that impact, educate and inspire the hearts and mind of the viewer. Not just satisfied with providing entertainment, these films will move the audience intent on catapulting them into action around critical issues such as health, impacting violence, race relations, innovation and history. Stories emphasizing both the struggle AND joy of life.

Unlike the BHERC which she founded in 1996, FWAP fund is more than an advocate for filmmakers of color. It is an innovative and provocative resource for use in assaulting the ills that plague our society, that scream for action and answers; giving a platform to a new generation of filmmakers and artists.

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About the Founder

Sandra Evers-Manly

Sandra Evers-Manly is noted corporate executive, community activist and patron to African American Filmmakers and artists who has been making a difference across the nation in diverse communities for more than 25 years. She believes in the power of films as a viable tool to educate and uplift.

Through the founding of the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC)– a nonprofit benefit organization– Evers-Manly and her team advocates, educates, researches, develops and preserves the history and future of Blacks in Film and Television. With the founding of FWAP, she brings viable tool that organizations can use in their communities to support and promote diversity both in front of and behind the camera.

A filmmaker herself, Evers-Manly was executive producer for 5 short films in 1990 about Gang Violence thru Fight Back with Films, an organization she founded. She established the S.E. Manly Film Short Festival, the African American Film Festival and Marketplace, Sistah’s are Doin’ It For Themselves, Reel Black Men and Youth Diversity Film Festivals which take place annually in Los Angeles, CA.

Making a difference is simply in her blood. “I came from the Civil Rights Evers family in Mississippi. We were raised by the letter L. Love. Lift. Lead. Learn. Laugh. Listen with your heart,” says Sandra Evers-Manly.

With the founding of FWAP, she brings a viable tool that organizations can use in their communities to promote diversity and win the “battle” to make our communities safe and improve the quality of life of life regardless of where we reside. A difficult task for most. A must-do for a powerful executive who is also a valiant champion of charitable giving. Films with a Purpose in certainly destined to make a difference in innumerable lives.